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    Series YGK—Underground Drilling Rig

    1、 Application :

      Series YGK—underground drilling rig is a full hydraulic operated top drive power head drilling machine and is used for core drilling of geological exploration in tunnel (gallery).




    1) Hydraulic component (hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, quick oil adapter etc) adopted world-famous brand goods, so it has stable running performance, reliable product quality and long service life.

    2)Rig structure is a block structure design. It assures good disassembility , rapid and convenient mount and transport, as well as remote control and operation.

    3)It has a wide range of rotary speed, and is suitable for various drilling methods such as carbide bit drilling and diamond bit drilling etc.

    4)It has a complete range of functions, great drilling capability, wide range of application , rapid drilling speed and high drilling efficiency, easy to operate as well as powerful ability of solving accidents.


    3. Specifications:




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